AristaMD integration overview

AristaMD supports integrations to streamline eConsult workflows.


AristaMD’s eConsult solution is an interoperable platform that can be used within any EHR and clinical workflow. Our integration capabilities streamline the user experience, minimizing change management and time spent curating eConsults.


Explore our current integrations including LDAP and LDAPS streamlined user management, SMART framework, Epic App Orchard availability, and more.

User management and authentication

Recognizing the importance of security as well as a streamlined process for enabling user access, AristaMD supports several methods for managing and authenticating users into the eConsult platform.

User management

Active Directory Integration: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Secure LDAP (LDAPS)


  1. LDAP Shared Credentials can be used to authenticate users into AristaMD’s web-based application.
  2. SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) users who log into the AristaMD web-based application or access AristaMD directly from their EHRs.
  3. SMART App Launch Framework is an industry-standard that enables supporting EHRs to easily install our platform so users can have one-click access to AristaMD from within their EHR interface. There are many additional benefits to the SMART Framework – ask your sales advisor for more details.


Extend your existing systems by leveraging our API to perform all actions of the eConsult workflow. Our easy-to-use API resources, based on FHIR standards, are fully-documented, and AristaMD engineers and product staff are ready to support your integration. Using our working example code, your developers will be submitting eConsults within minutes of being provided test accounts.

Application marketplace

AristaMD’s Epic App Orchard integration is an Epic-endorsed installation and configuration of our solution that embeds the AristaMD experience within the Epic EMR user interface. Because the integration is standardized and approved by Epic, your administrators can install our application for no additional cost! Download the brochure »

AristaMD is scaling eConsult integration capabilities every day

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