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ROI Calculator

Curious about the ROI on telehealth? 

Decrease unnecessary specialist referrals by 70%, saving $3M in annual referral costs for every 100K members*

9% of patient visits




3.4 specialist visits


We’ll Calculate Your ROI on Telehealth Using eConsults

With $0 upfront costs or implementation fees, you don’t need to create a new budget to run an eConsult program. You’re already paying for specialist visits. Use our ROI calculator to see how much we can save you.


1NAMCS 2015: Rui P, Okeyode T. National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey: 2015
2Barnett et al; Arch Intern Med. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2013 February 09
3MEPS (Medical Expenditure Panel Survey): STATISTICAL BRIEF #484: Expenses for Office¬-Based Physician Visits by Specialty, 2013

Five stars

Partnering to improve CMS star ratings and chronic care management

Access to chronic care management, care coordination and avoidable hospitalizations are proven benefits of eConsults. These factors directly tie into CMS patient satisfaction star ratings and improving patient satisfaction, which are imperative for providers and healthcare organizations as patients select membership plans.

​We will focus on Medicare plans providing health coverage that are evaluated within the following categories according to CMS:

  • Staying healthy: This rating is based on patient access to preventive services to promote continued health, including physical examinations, vaccinations like flu shots, and preventive screenings.
  • Chronic care management: Plans are rated for care coordination and how frequently members receive services for long-term health conditions.
  • Member experience: Overall satisfaction with the health plan.
  • Member complaints: A rating on how frequently members submitted complaints or left the plan, whether members had issues getting needed services, and whether plan performance improved from one year to the next.
  • Customer service: Plans are rated for quality of call center services (including TTY and interpreter services) and promptly processing appeals and new enrollments.