Referral Management for Primary Care

Combine eConsults and Referral Management to Improve Access

At AristaMD, we envision a world where all patients have timely, cost-effective access to health care. Whether you use eConsult, referral management or both, our platform empowers clinics to:

  • Increase access
  • Lower costs
  • Improve outcomes

Which Solution Helps Your Practice the Most?

Referral Management

Send a Referral in 90 seconds

Enter the patient information and attach notes, lab work and imaging. Then, send through our secure HIPAA-compliant platform.


Create referrals fast

Replace Unnecessary Specialist Visits

Request advice from a specialist online. eConsults responses are returned in 4 hours with a guaranteed response within 24 hours.

Keep Patients In-Network

Select the appropriate specialist based on insurance coverage, location and subspecialty.

Reduce Wait Times & Offer On-site Care

Reduce routine referrals by 70% and treat patients immediately. Patients get care without the wait, and are treated before symptoms worsen.

Simple, Interoperable Solutions

Online referral management for primary care avoids face-to-face specialist visits

Turnkey Solution

Simple Set-up and Virtual Training

Seamless care delivered using referral management for primary care

Seamless Care

eConsults Embedded into Current Workflow

An online medical consultation solution is an easy way to increase patient access.

Easy to Use

Submit eConsults and referrals is Quick and Easy


EHR Integration Offered

Online Physician Referral Program Helps Coordinate Care to Save Time and Money

Download this case study to learn how one primary care and pediatric practice:

  • Saved $30-40K and stacks of sticky notes each year.
  • Communicated securely with specialists to improve continuity of care.
  • Texted notifications help patients get scheduled quickly.

Healthcare shouldn’t be this hard.


AristaMD makes it easy.

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