Referral Management

How can referral management software help you?

Our referral management software streamlines the referral process for health systems, primary care clinics, specialists, and their patients. By automating the referrals, your staff spends less time on the phone and can eliminate most manual processes. With features, like access to eConsults and referral management, patients get the right care from the right specialist.

What are the benefits of referral management?

90 second referral processing

90 second

referral management software

Set up and launch
within hours

Referral Management Software with an insurance eligibility check

Increase patient compliance
and referral fulfillment rates

referral management software

Improve patient

A referral management platform that provides one workflow for all your referrals.

AristaMD streamlines the referral workflow and scheduling for patients, specialists, and their referring partners. By automating the referral process, referring practices spend less time on the phone, manual efforts are eliminated, and patients get the right care from the right specialist

A simple, consistent process to send and receive referrals

Our 4-step process to manage physician referrals includes the specific information a specialist’s practice often requires to schedule an appointment.  Custom specialist forms are easy for the referring physician to complete and insurance eligibility is verified in real-time.


Schedule an electronic referral in as little as 90 seconds.

End-to-end, the referral process takes only 90 seconds on Referral Management. With a platform that includes insurance plan information and the specialist’s location and sub-specialty details, patients get to the right specialist quickly, every time.

Track all your referrals in one centralized place.

A simple dashboard to track the status of all referrals and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.