Referral Management

How can referral management software help you?

Our referral management software streamlines the referral process for clinics, specialists, and their patients. By automating the referral process, your staff spends less time on the phone and can eliminate most manual processes. With features, like access to eConsults and referral management, patients get the right care from the right specialist.

Build stable referral volume

Build Relationships and Volume

Market to referrers and nurture referral networks by making it easy to refer. Enable practices to send referrals in 90 seconds.

Create referrals fast

Grow In-Network Referrals

Access features that support value-based care: identify in-network providers, view specialty and sub-specialty details, and verify insurance eligibility.

Increase Patient Compliance

Rules-based scheduling and search functionality allow your staff to schedule patients faster — increasing the likelihood that the patient sees a specialist and avoids out-of-network providers.

Improve Care Continuity

Leverage in-application tools to enhance communication between the referring physician, specialist, and patient. Send and receive the patient’s medical history and treatment plan to ensure optimal patient care.

Any practice can refer with no account required

Referring practices can then easily refer online anytime, with no account required. Specialists can share their custom referral form with any referring practice.

Contact new patients with “Pre-Call” text messages

We all screen our calls, and only 18% of voicemails from unrecognized numbers are ever listened to by the recipient. AristaMD helps practices get patients on the phone to schedule by sending them a “pre-call” text, that makes patients significantly more likely to answer when you call.

Real-time insurance eligibility verification

Automatically verify the insurance eligibility for every referral. You’ll never have to cancel or reschedule another patient because of insurance ineligibility again.

Our great referral platform, your brand

Get started today with your own custom branded referral wizard. Add your custom referral wizard directly to your website to create a seamless and convenient referral experience for your network.

Let our data be your competitive advantage

Surface insights around your referral patterns that were previously completely impossible to analyze.

Guide Your Marketing: Use insights on referral patterns to inform your marketing efforts. See which relationships are strong, and where there is opportunity.

Reporting on Your Terms: View real-time analytics dashboards inside AristaMD, or have your data integrated into your existing BI solutions.

A referral management platform that provides one workflow for all your referrals.

AristaMD streamlines the referral workflow and scheduling for patients, specialists, and their referring partners. By automating the referral process, referring practices spend less time on the phone, manual efforts are eliminated, and patients get the right care from the right specialist

A simple, consistent process to send and receive referrals

Our 4-step process to manage physician referrals includes the specific information a specialists practice often requires to schedule an appointment.  Custom specialist forms are easy for the referring physician to complete and insurance eligibility is verified in real-time.


Book referral appointments in as little as 90 seconds.

End-to-end, the referral process takes only 90 seconds on Referral Management. Specialists pre-load their accepted insurance plans and referral rules, so patients get to the right specialist quickly, every time.

Track all your referrals in one centralized place.

Referral Management instantly shows you the status of all your referrals, so nothing can ever slip through the cracks. As a result, patients stay healthier and happier.

Referral tracking using referral management software

What are the benefits of referral management?

90 second referral processing

90 second referrals

referral management software

Set up and launch within hours

Referral Management Software with an insurance eligibility check

<5% referrals go unscheduled

Healthcare management solutions that drive revenue and lower costs.

Increase in referral volume and revenue

referral management software

Improve patient

The easiest way for specialist to build and maintain strong referral channels.​

Our platform works in any environment regardless of existing infrastructure and technology. More reasons to love our referral management software:

  • Faster to launch – get set-up and start working within hours
  • Build a robust doctor referral network with marketing services to connect referral partners
  • Improves referral accuracy that ensure that patients get to the right specialist

Healthcare shouldn’t be this hard. AristaMD makes referral management easy.

Get more referrals today!