Primary Care Referrals to Specialists

Simple, Online Electronic Referrals

Primary care referrals to specialists are more challenging than ever. AristaMD can help. We offer intelligent provider matching, ordering and tracking – all from a single platform. As providers assume responsibility for both the cost of care and patient outcomes, clinic staff must:

  • Identify in-network specialists, imaging services, infusion centers, physical therapy and more.
  • Complete the necessary paperwork.
  • Communicate with specialists, health service providers and equipment manufacturers.
Software to optimize primary care referrals to specialists

Primary Care Referrals to Specialists Process Needs to Pull the Plug on the Fax Machine

The primary care to specialist referral process is still dominated by the fax machine despite the remarks from Seema Verma, CMS Administrator, during the ONC Interoperability Forum.

“The federal government spent over $35 billion on the effort to get doctors to use Electronic Health Records…new technology that is making their work more difficult, not less – causing more physician burden and burnout. Because of it, doctors today are still recording their notes on paper, and they are still faxing patient records.”

Her challenge to the room of developers was to eliminate the fax machine from physician offices. Although no legislation on this effort has been passed, there is little doubt it is coming soon. And. it’s not just the cost of inefficiency leading the way. The new impetus is the increasing security risk of fax machines. It seems no technology has been left “unhacked,” not even the fax machine.

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