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Managing Lower Extremity Wounds with eConsults

Patients often have limited access to wound services because 90% of wound and ostomy nurses work in hospitals. However, these limitations are overcome with the use of photos and videos provided by the in-person provider to Corstrata wound care nurses.

Elevating Care Impact: The Power of eConsults in Healthcare

eConsults are a key clinical innovation that can assist in addressing inequities in access to specialty care. One of the critical aspects where eConsults have significantly elevated care impact is improving patient outcomes. Through eConsults, healthcare providers can collaborate more efficiently, leading to faster and more accurate diagnoses, timely treatment interventions, and better management of chronic conditions. This results in improved patient health outcomes, reduced hospital readmissions, and enhanced quality of life. 

Common Challenges to Achieve Clinical Quality Goals: Containment

Containment in healthcare involves equipping providers with the appropriate recommendations to effectively manage a patient’s care within their practice, without the need for unnecessary referrals or consultations outside of the practice. This is particularly important in ensuring efficient resource utilization and reducing healthcare costs while maintaining high-quality care.

Evaluate Practice Performance Metrics for eConsult Programs: Measuring Practice Cost Savings

eConsults drive practice cost savings for your practices by replacing referrals, eliminating unnecessary testing, reducing emergency room visits and avoiding hospital readmissions. An eConsult that avoids a specialty referral results in 3 avoided specialty visits, which is the average number of appointments needed to diagnose and treat a patient. Each specialty visit costs approximately $300. The avoided visit savings to an at-risk practice is $900.

7 Ways To Grow Your Referral Network as a Specialist

Growing your referral network as a specialist is a pivotal aspect of developing a thriving practice. Developing a good referral network expands your reach within the healthcare community, increasing the likelihood of receiving patient referrals from other professionals.

Improving Patient Outcomes: How Specialists will Contribute to Value-Based Care

In healthcare, the shift towards value-based care is reshaping how providers deliver and patients receive medical services. At the heart of this transformation are specialists. This approach is not just a change in the reimbursement model; it’s a fundamental reimagining of how we define and achieve success in healthcare. Specialists will play a critical role in the realm of value-based care.