Healthcare Management Solutions that Support Value-Based Care

Our suite of healthcare management solutions allows payors, healthcare organizations, and providers to coordinate care using electronic physician-to-physician consultations, or eConsults, and referral management tools.  Our services are proven to deliver cost-effective, rapid access to specialty care, these services significantly increase practice efficiency, improve outcomes, and drive patient satisfaction.

Healthcare management solutions - eConsults

What is an eConsult?

An eConsult is an electronic request for advice from a specialist the precludes transfer of care — in most case care is provided by the primary care provider (PCP). This solution enables providers to obtain specialist advice about a patient’s condition without requiring the patient to go to a face-to-face visit.

Referral Management - Healthcare management solutions

What is Referral Management?

An application that facilitates the transition of a patients to the next step in their care, including patient scheduling and data transmission from one physician to another. Referral management enables efficient communication, tracking, and follow-up to improve communication between the referring provider, specialist, and the patient.

eConsults help primary care providers manage:


One of the lowest outpatient spending categories, primary care accounts for only 5.4% of total healthcare expenditures.

For Payors, ACOs, and clinics eConsults eliminate unnecessary face-to-face specialty visits by delivering care in the PCP setting:

  • Avoid costly duplication of care and testing
  • Decrease care fragmentation
  • Prevent follow-up calls and visits that burden staff
  • Lower the risk of expensive care
  • Reduce Out-of-Network and ED usage visits due to long wait times or distance


of recommended chronic and preventive services are administered.


of people with diagnosed diabetes have not achieved glycemic control.


of people with hyperlipidemia have not attained cholesterol control.

Quality outcomes depend on access. eConsults increase access by allowing PCPs to work at the top of their license.

No matter which metrics you are tracking eConsults can help:


  • Effectiveness of care
  • Access/availability of care
  • Experience of care
  • Utilization and relative resource use

CMS Star Ratings:

  • Staying health (screenings, tests, and vaccines)
  • Managing chronic conditions
  • Plan responsiveness/care
  • Member problems getting services

MIPS & Clinical Quality Measures:

  • Patient and family engagement
  • Patient safety
  • Care coordination
  • Efficient use of healthcare resources
  • Clinical effectiveness


  • Timely appointments, care, and information
  • Coordination of patient care
  • Overall rating of the provider


of physicians report that keeping patients in-network is important for care coordination.



of providers refer patients to specialists outside of their network.

Reduce cost and leakage with PCP centralized care.

Get specialist feedback in as little as 4 hours:

  • eConsults are returned in hours, usually 4 hours, 24 hours or less guaranteed
  • Avoids long wait-times due to physician shortage and care deferred during COVID
  • Improve patient compliance

Meet patients where they are:

  • PCP provides care and follow-up by phone or in clinic
  • Board-certified, U.S. based specialists advise on the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care
  • PCP reviews the advice and develops a treatment plan for the patient

Reduce out-of-network care:

  • Faster care means patients don’t seek out-of-network providers or higher cost care in the ED
  • Specialist advice in the PCP setting ensures in-network tests & lab work, and care continuity & appropriate resource usage


The highest outpatient spending category, specialist services account for 16.5% of all healthcare costs. Compare to primary care which accounts for only 5.4% of total healthcare expenditures.



Tests and treatment that are not needed account for $200 billion in medical spending each year.

Increase revenue & lower costs.

  • Avoid unnecessary face-to-face specialty visits
  • Manage patient in practice – prevent network leakage and avoid expensive care alternatives
  • Eliminate duplication of care and/or diagnostic testing
  • Reduce SDoH to improve outcomes and lower costs

Expand your efficiency and service offering.

  • Specialist guidance enables more advanced service offering, while reducing cost
  • Expand scope of care at the clinic: enable PCPs to practice at the top of their license and improve scope of care for mid-level practitioners

Simple, interoperable healthcare management solutions.

Turnkey solution

Simple login and easy virtual training.

Seamless care

eConsults are embedded into your current referral workflow.

Easy to use

Submitting eConsults is
quick and easy.


Multiple ways to integrate your  EHR and referral management.

The easiest way for specialist to build and maintain strong referral channels.​

Our platform works in any environment regardless of existing infrastructure and technology. More reasons to love our referral management software:

  • Faster to launch – get set-up and start working within hours.
  • Build a robust doctor referral network with marketing services to connect referral partners.
  • Improves referral accuracy that ensure that patients get to the right specialist.

Healthcare shouldn’t be this hard.

AristaMD makes referral management easy.

What are the benefits of referral management?

90 second referral processing

90 second referrals

referral management software

Set up and launch within hours

Referral Management Software with an insurance eligibility check

<5% referrals go unscheduled

Healthcare management solutions that drive revenue and lower costs.

Increase in referral volume and revenue

referral management software

Improve patient

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