Accurate Referrals Equal Healthier Patients

AristaMD Makes Sure Referrals Actually Happen

Accurate Referrals Equal Healthier Patients 

Is your staff managing referrals with sticky notes and the fax machine?

Book referral appointments in as little as 90 seconds with AristaMD. Manage your referrals through our secure platform that instantly shows you the status of all your referrals so nothing slips through the cracks.

Receive real-time insurance eligibility verification for each patient and send out a “pre-call” text message before scheduling the appointment. AristaMD makes sure referrals actually happen.

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Online referral management creates accurate referrals, improve PCP revenue

Online Referral Management Boosts Primary Care Revenue, Creates Accurate Referrals

Primary care practices are looking to online referral management applications to create accurate referrals, improve the referral process and grow revenue.

A study of 105 million referrals by the Archives of Internal Medicine found that only about half of referrals resulted in a visit to a specialist. This means roughly 50% of the time, patients fail to receive the care they need, and specialists do not capture the most revenue.

The revenue impact of a poorly managed referral system that can be quite significant:

  • Time and energy is wasted by staff to coordinate a referral.
  • Unscheduled referrals often due to long wait times drive patients back to the primary care clinic – further wasting staff and provider resources.
  • Poor outcomes result in lower ‘bonus’ reimbursements,
  • High out-of-network specialists drive up the cost of care for clinics operating within a value-based care payment model.
  • A single ED visit due to delayed specialty care appointments or failure of the patient to schedule can have an even greater impact on clinics focused on value-based care.

According to The Annals of Internal Medicine and The Advisory Board, it is possible that $50 million in referral-related revenue is sent outside the network, and another $40 million falls through the cracks as referrals go uncompleted.

Much of this revenue can be captured using a cloud-based physician referral service offering physician-to-physician virtual consultations.