eConsult Solutions Streamline Access to Specialty Insight Within Primary Care

AristaMD Smart Care Platform

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Clinical Workup Checklists


  • Developed by practicing specialists
  • Enabling consistent workup across sites and providers
  • Simple, fast to use
  • Elevate care and expand the scope of practice for all PCPs

Our ~400 validated clinical workup checklists cover the majority of reasons patients visit PCPs and positively impact the quality of care providers are able to offer. They were originally developed at University of California, San Francisco and are in use at numerous academic centers around the country.

Immediate Specialty Care Access via eConsults

  • Immediate specialist access (response within hours!)
  • Reduce face-to-face referrals
  • Lower overall cost of care

Our eConsult platform provides a secure, HIPAA compliant, provider-to-provider communication platform with access to board-certified specialists covering >70 specialty areas.

Simple Implementation

  • 30 Day
  • Seamless

Implementation is a simple and streamlined process. We hold an implementation introduction meeting with leadership, complete the simple IT setup, hold the clinical team kickoff to demo and train providers on the platform, then we’re ready go live!

Our process requires no change in clinical workflow and ensures all appropriate cases are routed to eConsult.

AristaMD integrates seamlessly into providers workflow. Submitting eConsults on our platform takes no additional time.

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