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eConsults connect primary care providers to a network
of on-demand specialists to guide patient care


Rapid access to specialist care

Reduce unnecessary referrals >70%

Provide care in the most appropriate setting

Reduce patient wait times and specialist appointment queues

Optimize revenue flow

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  • Payors
  • Health Systems
  • Providers
  • Patients

Expanded network access. reduced costs. Improved patient experience.

For payor organizations, eConsults:

  • Increase access with on-demand access to specialists within the primary care setting
  • Reduce cost of care by eliminating unnecessary face-to-face referrals as well as associated workup and diagnostics
  • Decrease wait times by providing rapid access to specialty care for routine referrals within primary care, and reducing appointment wait times for patients in need of face-to-face specialty care
  • Improve member satisfaction by reducing unnecessary appointment burden and out-of-pocket costs 
  • Improve quality ratings
  • Reduce ED admissions and readmissions
  • Improve provider satisfaction by providing primary care providers a resource to expand care capacity and better preparing patients for specialist appointments
$3 million

estimated savings per year, per every 100,000 members.

Improved network management. Increased access. Physicians working top of license. 

To support health systems, eConsults:

  • Connect PCPs to either AristaMD’s panel of specialists, or your own panel of specialists through the HIPAA compliant online platform
  • Improve specialty care access while decreasing unnecessary face-to-face referrals, eConsults ensure “right provider, right patient, right time” care
  • Treat lower-acuity and billing patients effectively within primary care
  • Expedite visits for higher-acuity and billing patients to provide more timely care from health system specialists
  • Reduce unnecessary referrals by expanding primary care capacity

of eConsults significantly impact the care plan. 

Expanded clinical capabilities. Better care coordination. Better satisfaction.

For providers, eConsults:

  • Replace unnecessary specialist visits
  • Allow PCPs more patient care oversight
  • Provide interim care planning advice while patients wait to be seen by a specialist
  • Provide non-emergent EKG review Validation of treatment plan
  • Validate the need to refer
  • Answer treatment questions or medication regimen confirmation
  • Guide specialized workup recommendations for specific conditions
  • Ensure patients receive the appropriate pre-visit workup when a specialist referral is necessary

of eConsults significantly impact the care plan. 

Timely care. Fewer appointments. Reduced costs.

eConsults allow primary care providers to consult with specialists to reduce unnecessary face-to-face specialist appointments and get patients the care they need–faster.

Patients are positively impacted by eConsults, as they effectively:

  • Provide fast access to care from within the comfort of the primary care office
  • Reduce unnecessary appointments and associated burden, including: travel, missed work, and childcare
  • Reduce wait times for necessary appointments
  • Lower out-of-pocket expenses from out-of-network care, care not covered by insurance, and co-pays
  • Strengthen the provider-to-patient relationship
  • Offer a more convenient way of managing ongoing chronic and comorbid care 

of the time, patients will be able to receive immediate treatment from their PCP.

Simple implementation, interoperable solution

  • 30 day
  • Interoperable
  • Seamless
  • No provider time

Implementation is a simple and streamlined process. We hold an implementation introduction meeting with leadership, complete the simple IT setup, hold the clinical team kickoff to demo and train providers on the platform. Then, we’re ready go live!

Learn more about the implementation process, from the perspective of one of our providers >

AristaMD is a truly interoperable solution. We offer multiple ways to integrate into existing EHR and referral management platforms to ensure minimal workflow disruption and seamless implementation. Learn more about AristaMD supported integrations >

Our process requires no change in clinical workflow and ensures all appropriate cases are routed to eConsult.

AristaMD integrates seamlessly into provider workflows. Submitting eConsults on our platform takes no additional time within clinical workflows.

The eConsult platform, explained

Reducing Patient Wait Times with Telehealth & eConsults

How telehealth and eConsults are reducing patient wait times

Healthcare systems are faced with challenges in patient access and availability of care. As a result, innovative healthcare solutions are invaluable within efforts of reducing patient wait times. Telehealth solutions, such as eConsults, increase efficiency of care by improving access to specialists while also better optimizing time and place of care.


Alternative to curbside consults: The eConsult-patient safety first!

Curbside consultation is routine for many physicians. However, a brief review on potential shortcomings of this practice is essential to ensure solutions are in place to enable the best possible patient care. eConsults addresse many issues within these informal exchanges, including missing or incomplete patient information, the lack of access to physical exam findings, and other relevant data and/or lab results.