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Specialty Care Pediatrics for Behavioral Health

Specialty Care Pediatrics for Behavioral Health

AristaMD offers eConsults to address specialty care pediatrics. This booklet includes eConsult requests and specialty care pediatric responses for Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), anxiety, autism spectrum disorder and depression.

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What do Providers Need to Succeed in Value-based Payment Models?  Healthcare Analytics and Reporting

What do Providers Need to Succeed in Value-based Payment Models? Healthcare Analytics and Reporting

Physicians can use healthcare analytics to identify patients at risk for certain conditions, allowing them to manage those patients and improve outcomes proactively. Healthcare analytics also help physicians track outcomes and measure the cost savings associated with their interventions. Physicians need access to data on referrals to specialists to ensure they are making…

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Are eConsults a telehealth resource?

AristaMD provides an innovative store-and forward, asynchronous telehealth service. Our eConsult solution enables primary care physicians to collaborate with a national panel of top telehealth specialists on patient care plans—within 24 hours. AristaMD’s eConsult solution consistently replaces the need for more than 70% of in-person specialty visits and significantly influences care plans >90% of the time.

Empowering PCPs to treat low acuity patients with the guidance of a virtual specialist, via telehealth solution, avoids unnecessary in-person referrals and improves patient wait times while improving health system quality metrics and patient satisfaction.

With AristaMD, adopting an eConsult solution is simple and can be done quickly. Designed to seamlessly integrate into clinical workflows, the platform allows payers and providers to quickly and cost-effectively launch specialist eConsults.