2020 Digital Health Trends, Predictions and More

January 28, 2020

Illustration of digital health trends.

This article about 2020 digital health trends was featured in MCOL Blog Newsletter in January 2020.

By: Brooke LeVasseur, CEO of AristaMD

As we embark on 2020, one thing is for sure–that healthcare must not get caught on the heels of stagnation. Value-based care initiatives and an increasingly savvy consumer market are driving key digital health trends we expect growth within during the coming year. Learn more about key insights on digital health trends and predictions from our team.

Digital health companies can help ensure their success in the emerging healthcare landscape by empowering and enabling primary care physicians. This can be done by:

  • Helping PCPs to expand their scope of care.
  • Increasing the capacity of PCPs and primary care sites by helping them use resources more efficiently.
  • Expanding PCPs’ referral network and helping them better manage their referrals.
  • Helping PCPs increase patient satisfaction and retention.

Given the increasing consumerization of healthcare, digital health companies must innovate in ways that help providers deliver a better consumer experience with a focus on speed, convenience, and quality. Drivers and evidence of this trend include:

  • Amidst an increase in healthcare costs, consumers are paying higher insurance deductibles, while their wages have not kept pace with the increased costs. This means providers need to offer more to get patients in the door and retain their loyalty.
  • Patients have become accustomed to technology making their lives easier, enabling them to get what they want when they want it and expect the same convenience from their healthcare providers.
  • Retailers like Target, CVS, and Walmart are increasingly offering basic healthcare services in convenient locations, which is drawing patients away from traditional hospital settings.

At AristaMD, we look forward to being part of the transformation of care. What are your thoughts on key objectives for 2020? Let us know.

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