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Is accessing specialty care in the US difficult?

Accessing specialty care can be difficult for many individuals in the United States due to several factors. One of the main barriers is the high cost of healthcare services, particularly for those without health insurance or with limited coverage. Many specialty care...

What do providers need to succeed in value-based payment models?

As we transition from fee-for-service payment to adopt value-based payment, how can primary care providers seamlessly assume risk? Reimbursement for individual encounters, procedures, and services creates a burden for both the patient and the providers. In theory, the more you do, the more you are paid…

Four ways the health care industry can manage cost in 2023

The US health care industry spends more as a share of the economy than any other country. In fact, 2021 saw a total spend of $4.3 trillion alone. But in response to the current economic downturn, hospitals and other care organizations aim to reduce costs without sacrificing patient outcomes.

Why Healthtech Needs More Female Leaders

Women occupy 65% of the healthcare workforce yet seem to be missing in C-suite roles, holding approximately 30% of senior leadership positions and a mere 13% of coveted CEO titles. With female consumers making the majority of buying and usage decisions when it comes to healthcare products and services, the disparity between female leaders and end users in the industry is difficult to ignore.