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Is accessing specialty care in the US difficult?

Accessing specialty care can be difficult for many individuals in the United States due to several factors. One of the main barriers is the high cost of healthcare services, particularly for those without health insurance or with limited coverage. Many specialty care...

What do providers need to succeed in value-based payment models?

As we transition from fee-for-service payment to adopt value-based payment, how can primary care providers seamlessly assume risk? Reimbursement for individual encounters, procedures, and services creates a burden for both the patient and the providers. In theory, the more you do, the more you are paid…

Telehealth Cost Saving Analysis

More than $75 billion is spend on unnecessary referral costs annually in the US. With over 70% of eConsults replacing unnecessary specialist visits, eConsults pose an impactful solution to improve utilization of resources. Get the numbers.

eConsults Reduce Specialty Costs

eConsults reduce eConsults specialty costs by eliminating unnecessary referrals and securing timely access to necessary care from within the primary care setting.