eConsult Specialist Video Series: Dr. Camille Introcaso

Dr. Introcaso, a contracted eConsult specialist, discusses the effects of the lack of specialty care access for dermatology and other chronic care patients amid the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Patients who have chronic conditons need to maintain relationships and regular visits with their specialists.

— Dr. Camille Introcaso

About Dr. Introcaso

Dr. Camille Introcaso is contracted with AristaMD’s specialist panel as an eConsult dermatologist. In addition to general dermatology practice, Dr. Introcaso is an expert in global health, tropical dermatology, infectious diseases affecting the skin, and cutaneous oncology. She has been passionate about providing quality dermatologic care and education for underserved communities from the time she was a student, and strives to use empathy and caring along with medical expertise to help patients achieve optimal health and wellness.

Video Transcript: Dr. Camille Introcaso, eConsult Specialist

“Patients who have chronic conditions need to maintain relationships and regular visits with their specialists. They can develop complications from medications they are taking or they can develop progression of their disease. Sometimes it’s the case that we need to be able to discuss with them their dosing of medications or to think about how other health conditions that they have are interacting with their condition. So, even if a person has a condition for many years, they still need regular checkups and regular discussions with their specialist in order to make sure they are both as comfortable as possible and that their health is really optimized. Using the AristaMD platform allows the patients’ primary care provider to seek those services in a way that’s safe and will be as optimal for the patient’s health and the public’s health in general.”