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AristaMD Names Keith Pinter, Chief Executive Officer, as Company Continues Longitudinal Care Management in Collaboration with Primary Care

May 28, 2024

AristaMD Names Keith Pinter, Chief Executive Officer, as Company Continues Longitudinal Care Management
SAN DIEGO – May 29, 2024—AristaMD, a clinical services and specialty care coordination company that enables primary care providers to manage risk and deliver excellent patient care, announced today that its board of directors has selected Keith Pinter as chief executive officer.

Pinter brings over 25 years of experience in healthcare and technology. He has a history of leading companies through rapid organic growth and developing novel business models to meet healthcare organizations’ clinical and financial needs, working within value-based care payment models.

“AristaMD allows primary care providers to offer more comprehensive care, so patients aren’t left in the wild, trying to get the right type of specialist advice quickly, in-network and nearby,” says Keith Pinter, CEO of AristaMD. “They put PCPs at the helm of value-based care by connecting them to a robust specialty network to bend the healthcare cost curve backward. I’m excited to join a team that works closely with its clients to fill a significant gap in managing risk for the entire patient population.”

Pinter joins an established organization with a 10-year track record of accelerating patient diagnosis and treatment in the primary care setting backed by a board of strategic investors from both the payor and provider segments. As a proud and vocal change agent, his strategy is to leverage the company’s technology and deep relationships with risk-bearing entities to accelerate clinical efficacy for patients with high-cost, high-impact conditions, including heart and kidney diseases, musculoskeletal disorders and diabetes management. 

“We are excited to welcome Keith to AristaMD,” says John Kuelper, chairman of AristaMD. “His focus on innovation, proven track record in healthcare and commitment to operationalizing value-based care make him an ideal fit to lead AristaMD. Our vision is to leverage our existing services to drive longitudinal specialty care management.” 

AristaMD’s clinical care coordination services and network of specialists empower PCPs to deliver rapid access to specialty care, enhance population health management and reduce costs. The company’s innovative approach to risk management includes offering providers the ability to conduct eConsults or video consultations with board-certified specialists covering more than 70 specialties and subspecialties. The PCP’s ability to consult a specialist ensures the patient receives the right care at the right time, often with results delivered within a few hours. 

“Since I joined AristaMD in 2016, we have impacted hundreds of thousands of patients with solutions that improve access to specialists and lower healthcare costs,” says Brooke LeVasseur, former CEO of AristaMD. “I move into my role as a strategic advisor for the company, knowing that the talented team at AristaMD will continue to advance our mission to positively impact patient outcomes under Keith’s leadership and creative vision for the future. I am excited to support the team’s efforts as we expand our reach to help partners manage specialty care costs.”

The company augments its specialty care services with clinical expertise, data insights and complementary technology, including referral management and scheduling tools. Using shared data, AristaMD evaluates the patient population served by at-risk primary care organizations. It determines where to deploy these resources and tools to have the greatest impact, allowing its clients to realize significant cost savings, increased care quality, decreased hospital admissions and fewer emergency room visits. 

“In the US, a staggering 86% of our health costs are attributed to chronic diseases,” says Pinter. “Managing chronic diseases is a significant challenge for the industry, providers and patients alike. Early detection and effective management are crucial to controlling costs and improving outcomes. PCP enablement solutions, such as eConsults and referral management, are specifically designed to address this pressing challenge.”

Millions of patients in the U.S. wait weeks or even months to visit a specialist due to a growing physician shortage and logistical and administrative obstacles. To solve this critical need, AristaMD’s team of registered nurses curate eConsults on behalf of PCPs to reduce the time to diagnosis and treatment, decrease the patients’ cost and travel burden and eliminate administrative obstacles to accessing specialty advice. 

“One-fifth of U.S. GDP goes to healthcare, and we are in the bottom third of outcomes globally,” says Pinter. “Either one of those, in and of itself, is awful. Poor performance in both cost and care and increasing clinician burnout are catastrophic. I feel compelled to improve and lower the cost of care while increasing clinician satisfaction, and I believe AristaMD is a catalyst for solving this predicament.”

Before joining AristaMD, Pinter co-founded Rise Health, a technology-enabled value-based primary care aggregation platform that secured a 9-figure funding commitment in December 2022. He previously served as chief operating officer/chief of staff for Envision Physician Services. Before that, he was part of the leadership team that transformed the third-largest publicly traded hospital system into an industry leader in innovation, growing revenue by over $2 billion.  Recognized as 2023 Entrepreneur of the Year by Health Insights, Keith’s focus is on the chronic disease ecosystem.

Keith Pinter

Keith Pinter


Keith Pinter is a change agent and growth-oriented leader with a passion for healthcare and technology. With over two decades of experience in the healthcare provider and technology sectors, Keith has a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions that improve clinical outcomes and patient care. Keith started his career in technology, building, buying and selling businesses. He then transitioned to healthcare with a mission to bend the healthcare cost curve backward. He co-founded Rise Health, a technology-enabled, value-based primary care aggregation platform. As CEO at Rise Health, Keith led the development of a global risk primary care platform acquisition enterprise, delivering innovative solutions to the healthcare industry.

Prior to his work at Rise Health, Keith served as chief operating officer/ chief of staff for Envision Physician Services, where he was instrumental in growing the organization from $800 million to $6 billion. He was also part of the leadership team that transformed the third-largest publicly traded hospital system into an industry leader in innovation. Keith currently serves on the boards of several healthcare companies, including Moterum Technologies and Prosper RCM Solutions. He has also served on the boards of Cliexa and Accolite, where he was instrumental in the company’s growth and successful mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions. Recognized as 2023 Entrepreneur of the Year by Health Insights, Keith is a visionary leader with a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and a passion for driving change. He is committed to improving clinical and business outcomes through technology enablement and is particularly interested in novel treatment approaches for neurodegenerative diseases after losing his father to two.