Expert Referral Specialist Team Curates and Routes eConsults

AristaMD Registered Nurses Create eConsults 

Our referral specialist team of registered nurses can manage the entire process of routing and curation of electronic physician-to-specialist consults, so PCPs can do what they do best — care for patients. Access these services to minimize the workload for your physicians and referral coordinators while also:

  • Increasing access to specialty care.
  • Improving patient outcomes.
  • Eliminating wait times for specialist appointments.
  • Growing the revenue and service offering at your clinic.
Expert Referral Specialist Team Curates and Routes eConsults

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How eConsults Reduce Cost of Care

Leverage eConsults to Reduce the Cost of Care

eConsults reduce unnecessary referrals and secure timely access to necessary care from within the primary care setting. AristaMD’s platform saves money,” says Dr. Denise Gomez, Internal Medicine Specialist. “And ,I believe, saves time. A lot of mid-levels are using the service in order to reduce over or under testing. The platform allows for a more direct workup of the problem that they’re trying to figure out rather than doing this overall global kind of workup for somebody that’s more pointed and exact. The direct route provided by the platform saves a lot of money as well.”

Also, the nurse practitioners and the PAs, end up being able to learn something from it so that the next time they go to work somebody up for the same problem, they’re not repeating all of the same testing. They’re more pointedly saying ‘oh this is what I need to do because this isn’t the differential, this is the kind of work that I need to do over time’. Over time what we’re finding  specialists are getting used the platform to the point where if they see a referral coming from us they know it’s going to be a high quality referral. The specialists know they’re not going to have to provide primary care in the specialty care setting and consume resources that are better spent treating a different population. The eConsult platform streamlines the access to care by specialists in that way.