AristaMD recognized as one of the best telehealth companies for work-life perks & benefits

October 3, 2019

AristaMD is honored to be recognized as one of the best telehealth companies to work for in terms of work-life perks and benefits. We owe it to our amazing leadership, dedicated to the company mission and wellbeing of employees behind it.

Comparably compiled data from 10 million ratings across 50,000 U.S. companies. Questions employees were asked included: “Are you satisfied with your benefits?” and “How would you rate the perks your office provides?”

To qualify, large companies with more than 500 employees had to have a minimum of 75 employees participate in the anonymous survey. Smaller companies with under 500 employees had a minimum of 25 employee participants.

The survey found 89% of employees from large companies and 94% from small/mid-size companies said they were satisfied with their benefits, compared to 63% of all employees surveyed.

Best perks, small/mid-size companies

Ranked highest to lowest

  1. Highspot(Seattle)
  2. Checkr(San Francisco)
  3. Drift(Boston)
  4. Life360(San Francisco)
  5. Mixpanel(San Francisco)
  6. TaxJar(Woburn, Massachusetts)
  7. Buildium(Boston)
  8. NerdWallet(San Francisco)
  9. Culture Amp(San Francisco)
  10. Sitetracker(Palo Alto, California)
  11. Zipwhip(Seattle)
  12. Igneous(Seattle)
  13. Clover Network(Sunnyvale, California)
  14. Zumper(San Francisco)
  15. AdTheorent(New York)
  16. Branch(Redwood City, California)
  17. Overtime(Brooklyn, New York)
  18. CultureIQ(New York)
  19. Aptris(Rockford, Illinois)
  20. Greenhouse Software(New York)
  21. AppZen(San Jose, California)
  22. Mission(El Segundo, California)
  23. Francisco)
  24. HG Insights(Santa Barbara, California)
  25. SmartProcure / GovSpend(Deerfield Beach, Florida)
  26. APS Payroll(Shreveport, Louisiana)
  27. InvestCloud(West Hollywood, California)
  28. GamEffective(New York)
  29. SalesLoft(Atlanta)
  30. Levelset(New Orleans)
  31. MomentFeed(Santa Monica, California)
  32. Disruptive Advertising(Lindon, Utah)
  33. Periscope Data by Sisense(San Francisco)
  34. Ontraport(Santa Barbara, California)
  35. Mobilewalla(Atlanta)
  36. Automation Group(Modesto, California)
  37. Wonderschool(San Francisco)
  38. HomeLight(San Francisco)
  39. Red Dot Storage(Boulder, Colorado)
  40. Juniper Systems(Logan, Utah)
  41. Upgrade(San Francisco)
  42. Pendo(Raleigh, North Carolina)
  43. League(Chicago)
  44. AristaMD(La Jolla, California)
  45. BoldLeads(Chandler, Arizona)
  46. Celtra(Boston)
  47. Nylas(San Francisco)
  48. Drizly(Boston)
  49. Taulia(San Francisco)
  50. StackCommerce(Venice, California)