eConsults connect primary care with an expanded network of on-demand specialists, within 24 hours.

With AristaMD eConsults, patients can get the care they need–FAST. Timely care improves access, experience and outcomes while reducing cost of care for patients and payors.


Enhancing primary care capabilities through eConsults is easy
and can be done for $0 upfront.

A proven solution that adds value to health systems, payors, providers, and patients.


More than 70% of patients avoided face-to-face visits


Approximate decrease in emergency department visits and hospitalizations


Significant impact to care plan

*Avoided visits and impact to care plan: Source: AristaMD Internal Data. ED Visits/Hospitalizations:
Source: University of California at San Francisco data on use of clinical checklists and eConsults

Find out how eConsults can support your organization.
Being able to use AristaMD for eConsults has been a game changer for our clinicians and patients. Clinicians have enhanced their knowledge to maximize their skill set as a PCP while saving patients the time and inconvenience it takes to go to a specialist’s office.
Dr. Kelly Motadel, CMO Vista Community Clinics (VCC)