Pharm. D. 

Medication Review

Pharm D Medication Review

Pharm. D.

Medication Review

COVID patient with a history of asthma, obesity and gastric bypass. The patient is on several medications with possible contraindications. Please see the list of medications in the patient’s chart.

Please provide a medication review. The patient requested Paxlovid. Is Paxlovid appropriate for this patient?

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7 healthcare innovations, like medication review, that impact the patient experience

7 Healthcare Innovations that Enhance Patient Experience

Adding an eConsult program isn’t the only way to innovate. We’re seeing the industry recognize the need and opportunity to enhance the patient experience through healthcare innovations that improve user experience and health engagement.

Each year, our patient population is increasingly influenced by their personal experiences in domains aside from healthcare, including personal finance, shopping, etc.

The “experience” standard is continually being raised and these other areas have made great advances while healthcare has not moved as swiftly. Our patients, as consumers, have access to a wealth of information and experiences at their fingertips. When leveraged effectively, these technologies can play a vital role to enhance the patient experience.

Because of their expertise in software development and building direct-to-consumer relationships, large technology companies are now seizing the opportunity to consumerize healthcare. Companies like Google, Apple, GE, and others are increasingly investing in healthcare startups as well as focusing on internal initiatives aimed at healthcare innovation.

A lot of these tech giants and startups who focus on the customer experience see primary care as the best place to enter the healthcare market as it is the best entry point into the health system.