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Increasing PCP Adoption of Value-Based Care Strategies

An adopter of value-based care strategies, MemorialCare’s eConsult program delivers timely care, downstream cost savings and PCP involvement in patient care. specialist care, driving downstream cost savings and increasing PCP involvement in patient care. Anne LaNova, Executive Director of Digital Consumer Experience, discusses how EHR integration and financial incentives for PCPs contributed to the program’s success.

Measuring Practice Success and Patient Care

eConsults are proven to reduce specialty care costs for patients, providers and payers. eConsults also support value-based care in tangible and practical ways by creating a path to faster diagnosis and treatment; improving or eliminating wait times for specialists’ visits; increasing access to sub-specialties; and minimizing worsened health outcomes resulting from delayed patient care.

Providing Access to Pediatric Specialty Expertise by Extending eConsult Offerings to Internal and External Requesting Providers

Boston Children’s launched their eConsults program to provide a streamlined way for internal primary care providers to submit questions, quickly expanding this to an external affiliated provider network of 600+ primary care providers. Additional use cases were identified for inpatient eConsults submitted by community hospitals for review by a pediatric Dermatologist. Offering eConsults while leveraging tools like AristaMD to bridge interoperability between systems ultimately expands access to pediatric specialty expertise.