Better Care Through Better Physician Referrals

Case Study: Physician Referrals

Online physician referrals help coordinate care to save time and money

Streamlining physician referrals  benefits the referring physicians, the specialists and the patients. Cool Springs Internal Medicine & Pediatrics boasts a team of board-certified physicians who offer a combination of internal medicine and pediatric services.

Historically, physician referrals were managed by the practice’s nurses, requiring them to fax multiple forms and spend an average of 1.5 hours on the phone each day. This cumbersome process was keeping the nurses from providing face-to-face patient care and was simply ineffective.

Download this case study to learn how:

  • Primary care practice Saves $30-40K and stacks of sticky notes each year
  • Communicate securely with specialists to improve continuity of care
  • Texts notifications help patients get scheduled quickly

Referral management allows us to hand the baton to the specialist. We send the referral through the portal. Within minutes the specialist receives it and can contact the patient directly to schedule an appointment. We always do what is best for the patient. But, if I have the choice between two specialists and all things are equal, I’ll go with the one who is on the referral management platform.

Patrick Stearns, MBA, CMPE
Practice Administrator, Cool Springs Internal Medicine & Pediatrics