eConsults, an Invaluable Tool for Any Primary Care Practice

eConsults Enable Your Primary Care Practice to Offer Patients Timely Treatment

Availability of timely specialist insight enables primary care providers (PCPs) to manage your patients and ensure they get the timely, specialist guided treatment they need. More than 70% of routine clinical referrals, with the guidance of virtual specialists. Learn more about how eConsults directly support PCPs in our brochure.

eConsults, an Invaluable Tool for Any Primary Care Practice

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Stanford Health Care Uses AristaMD Nurses to Prepare Electronic Specialist Referrals

eConsult Nurse Navigators Service Reduces Burden of Preparing Electronic Specialist Referrals for Partner Clinics

Lena Giang, Digital Health Senior Manager at Stanford Health Care

Single sign-on integration and an expert referral specialist team help Stanford Health Care’s partner clinics avoid a lot of manual input of patient information in the eConsult. And so we’ve leveraged Arista MD’s nurse Navigators to help reduce the burden of the ordering provider or the back office staff at the partner clinic in manually putting that information together.

This white glove service, just what it does is that it permits a panel registered nurse to go into the community partners EMR remotely and extract that data from the patient’s chart to create the e-consult request to populate it with what’s on the diagnosis specific template or the clinical workup checklists that Tipp mentioned before on the behalf of the provider itself and submitted to the Stanford Specialists. They actively monitor the referral inbox for the eConsults request, and they message the ordering provider  through the EMR when the eConsult response has been received. The care coordination with the patient still is managed by the community providers and clinic for follow up or to schedule an in-person visit, um, at a smaller scale. The r and n service just makes single sign on more of a viable option across the board says the automation for the custom for some of the fields just, or the workflows just aren’t quite there yet. While we’re testing out the clinical model.