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Marina Rabin, MD, Female Pelvic Medicine

Marina Rabin, MD, joins AristaMD as a female pelvic health specialist. She brings a 22-year career in this specialty, along with experience as Director of Gynecology at Carney Hospital in Newton, MA.

As a very young girl growing up in Russia, playing with dolls, she wanted to become a physician and help people heal. “As far as I can remember, I wanted to be a physician, to help people, give them advice on their health,” Dr. Rabin says.

“My grandmother was a physician, a rehabilitation medicine specialist, and was definitely an inspiration,” she adds. “That was very rare, as not many women were in the medical profession at that time.” Dr. Rabin studied at Boston University School of Medicine (graduating magna cum laude), and served her internship and residency at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School.

She started her residency in OB/GYN because she loved obstetrics. “It’s such a happy field, for the most part.” However, as she progressed through her residency into private practice, she was seeing many older patients with pelvic problems. In shifting her focus to gynecology, she grew increasingly interested in the diversity of medical conditions among her patients, along with medical and surgical treatments.

Very quickly, Dr. Rabin found herself with a thriving gynecology practice and developed a specialty in female pelvic medicine – improving the quality of life for mature women. Her fluency in the Russian language further launched her practice. “I’m very passionate about helping these people,” she says. “Their problems are very treatable. There’s a lot that can be done medically, without surgery.”

Dr. Rabin holds certifications from the American Academy of Restorative Medicine and the North American Menopause Society and has a busy private practice.

As a female pelvic health specialist, she can provide diagnostic and treatment recommendations to help women with problems that non-specialists have difficulty resolving, including recurrent urinary tract infections.

Recently, a PCP was unsure whether to consult with a GYN or an endocrine specialist about a patient’s condition. With her expertise, Dr. Rabin is able to field questions related to both specialties – including metabolic syndrome and other hormonal conditions. With her unique expertise in integrative medicine, Dr. Rabin can also consult on alternative treatments.

“Women are especially interested in integrative medicine,” she says. “They want vitamin supplements and alternative therapies like meditation. They want alternative treatments for recurrent urinary tract infections and menopausal symptoms, including bioidentical hormones.” She can also help women with prolapse who want to avoid surgery.

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