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How eConsults reduce overuse of emergency departments

Many issues drive overuse of emergency departments (EDs) by low acuity patients. Diminished access to specialty care, long patient wait times for specialist visits, and poor patient understanding of how to manage chronic conditions are a few examples. eConsults mitigate the disparities in care and access to specialists.

In many healthcare systems, hospital closures, practice consolidations, and a lack of access to specialty providers mean that patients must travel far or wait a long time to receive care. This is true for conditions and complaints within a wide range of specialties, and in both rural and urban communities. Without a specialist care plan in place, low acuity patients can end up in overtaxed emergency rooms for conditions that could’ve been managed by primary care doctors much closer to home.

Low acuity patients can quickly obtain access to specialists within the primary care setting. eConsults enable primary care physicians to create and manage expedient care plans while reducing ER visits and improving care delivery.

How PCPs reduce overuse of emergency departments

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