Healthcare IT Today: Health automation - Good or bad?

Health Automation: Good or Bad?

If you are worried about health automation and AI, this article by John Lynn at Healthcare IT Today will give you perspective on what industry leaders think. Brooke LeVasseur, CEO at AristaMD gave her opinion:

Today, millions of patients will require specialty care but won’t receive it in a timely manner due to barriers related to insurance status, location, or logistical and bureaucratic hurdles. In a high-functioning healthcare system, PCPs are the quarterbacks of care and are responsible for coordinating care transitions for their patients. However, they often do not have the data and tools needed to make these transitions effectively. The result is delays in care for the patient and hundreds of wasted administrative hours at the clinic.

Without automation tools, clinics may rely on sticky notes and excel spreadsheets documenting their own (often limited) personal networks for referrals and often use inefficient methods, like phone or fax, to place referrals. This manual process results in delays in care, inappropriate referrals and improper patient/provider matching. To address this need, referral management solutions are now available that automate many routine referral tasks and ingest data on the reason for the referral, location, patient insurance and other quality metrics to recommend the best provider for the patient to be referred to. Automating the referral process removes hours of clinic time and can ensure patients get the care they need from the right provider as fast as possible.

How health automation streamlines manual processes to reduce wait times in healthcare

How health automation streamlines manual processes to reduce wait times in healthcare

AristaMD avoids AI but embraces client-driven health automation. With a rise in wait times in healthcare and a decrease in healthcare workers nationwide, it is more important than ever to streamline processes. That is why this year, we will see a significant rise in the number of physicians looking for solutions to aid with time and cost management. With eConsults and a leading referral management system, maintaining a healthy network is easier than ever.

What are the benefits of an eConsult and referral management solution?

Patients have relied on their primary care physicians for years to find the best and most effective health care. Due to that, eConsults have always been around in one way or another. We have formalized the process of a curbside consultation and brought a safer and more secure way to do just that. An eConsult system streamlines the traditionally manual process of reaching out to find in-network specialty care to find for patients. This is cost-effective for both the physicians and the patients.