Improvements to the doctor referral process

eConsults technology shakes up traditional doctor referral process

Getting patients to see a healthcare specialist can take weeks, months, or in some cases up to a year—assuming they can find one nearby who accepts their health insurance. And even when those appointments happen, sometimes primary care doctors learn that they could have treated the conditions all along.

To avoid that, some health systems, insurers, and practices have adopted electronic consulting (eConsult) and referral management platforms to connect primary care doctors with a wider network of specialists. Together, the primary doctor and the specialist can determine whether a patient needs specialty care and—if needed—find nearby, in-network providers.

Combine eConsults and referral tracking for successful value-based care

Include eConsults in your doctor referral process to improve patient access.

Part 3:​ Combine eConsults and the doctor referral process for successful value-based care

Health plan administrators, ACO leadership teams, physicians and practice staff often comment that the pandemic highlighted challenges that already existed. Staff turnover increased patient care delivery demands and changing reimbursement models are putting pressure on stretched resources at every level of the healthcare system. As a result, providing appropriate care requires all of us to rethink specialty referral workflows.

The healthcare staffing shortages are impacting patients, practices and the entire healthcare delivery system.  Nearly 1.7 million healthcare workers have quit this year. The remaining 76% of healthcare workers say they are burned out and exhausted.