A complete telehealth strategy incorporates multiple service types.

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While traditional telehealth is focused on virtual real-time communication between the member/patient and a provider, eConsults represent a virtual communication platform between the PCP and a specialist.

Store and Forward - Telehealth Strategy

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Being able to use AristaMD for eConsults has been a game changer for our clinicians and patients. Clinicians have enhanced their knowledge to maximize their skill set as a PCP while saving patients the time and inconvenience it takes to go to a specialist’s office.

Dr. Kelly Motadel

Child Health Officer at County of San Diego

A proven solution that adds value to health systems, payors, providers, and patients.


More than 70% of patients avoided face-to-face visits


Approximate decrease in emergency department visits and hospitalizations


Significant impact to care plan

*Avoided visits and impact to care plan: Source: AristaMD Internal Data. ED Visits/Hospitalizations:
Source: University of California at San Francisco data on use of clinical checklists and eConsults

Guide to Telehealth Strategy

Guide to Telehealth Strategy – Then, Now and Tomorrow

Healthcare providers have employed various forms of telehealth since long before the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Telehealth delivers knowledge and expertise to people and places that need it. A movement that largely began as a way to improve access to healthcare in rural communities saw explosive growth in 2020.

Today, telehealth is in wide use and here to stay.

What is telehealth?
The US Health Resources and Services Administration defines telehealth as any electronic information and telecommunications technology that is used to support and promote long-distance clinical healthcare, patient and professional health-related education, public health and health administration. Telehealth technologies benefit providers, healthcare organizations and patients.