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See how technology is transforming access to healthcare.

AristaMD’s Expansive Telehealth Specialists available for eConsult

Hundreds of board-certified specialists from a comprehensive and expanding list of specialty areas, at your fingertips.


Real World Outcomes: eConsult Efficacy Data

Learn more about eConsult efficacy in delivering immediate, quantifiable value. >70% of our eConsults are replacing specialist visit.


Telehealth Cost Savings Analysis

Telehealth through eConsults can increase timely access to quality specialty care while significantly decreasing healthcare costs, learn more in an analysis of eConsult cost savings


How Telehealth Systems, like eConsults, Benefit Health Systems

Treat more patients without a referral, ensure PCPs and specialists are operating at top of license, increase patient satisfaction, and reduce network leakage.


CMS 2019 Final Rules Telehealth TN CMS Final Rules For Medicare Advantage Plans and Telehealth – 2019

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released their final rules for changes to Medicare Advantage (MA) plans and how they may treat telehealth-delivered services in basic coverage plans.


Telehealth Technology Spotlight: The eConsult Experience

We asked our PCPs how eConsult telehealth technology is transforming the delivery of primary care. Find out how AristaMD has impacted their practices.


AristaMD eConsult Solution Overview Brochure

AristaMD’s eConsult solution increases specialist access at lower cost and with better patient outcomes. Our HIPAA compliant provider-to-provider communication platform provides access to specialists in over 70 specialties and subspecialties, allowing primary care physicians (PCPs) to deliver immediate …


Cost of Specialist Referrals Infographic Infographic: An Analysis of Referral Costs And Savings Potential for eConsult Platform Adoption

Unnecessary specialist referrals are costing our healthcare system Billions. More than $75B is spent annually on specialist referral costs in the US. Do you know everything that is contributing to this expenditure?


Merritt Hawkins 2017 SURVEY OF PHYSICIAN APPOINTMENT WAIT TIMES And Medicare and Medicaid Acceptance Rates Merritt Hawkins Survey: Physician Appt Wait Times, Medicare Acceptance

A survey examining the time needed to schedule a new patient physician appointment in 15 major metropolitan areas and in 15 mid-sized metropolitan areas, as well as the rates of physician Medicare and Medicaid acceptance in these areas. …


AHIP-CTAC Report: Leveraging Telehealth to Support Aging Americans

Telehealth can expand and enhance the delivery of health care services to geographically disadvantaged or underserved populations. Consumer groups, providers, employers, and health plans all see the expanded use of telehealth as means to give patients more convenient access to high-quality, affordable health care. With the incredible reach telehealth provides, health insurance providers are partnering with vendors to expand access to telehealth services for their members. Read more about how telehealth continues to change the healthcare landscape AHIP-CTAC’s report. 


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