eConsults Can Improve Patient Satisfaction with STAR Ratings

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Offer access to timely care, improve patient satisfaction, and reduce avoidable hospitalizations and ED visits with eConsults. AristaMD Smart Care Platform connects primary care providers with specialists to consult on clinical cases, avoiding the need for a face-to-face specialist visit >70% of the time.

eConsults can improve patient satisfaction with STAR ratings
How telehealth implementation enabled a primary care group to meet patients’ health needs

How Telehealth Implementation Enabled a Primary Care Group to Meet Patients’ Health Needs

Featured in Healthcare Innovation, July 2020 | Dr. Maria Barrell, Physician and President/COO at Primary Medical Group, AristaMD eConsult partner

Learn more about how one primary care practice rapidly succeeded in telehealth implementation, scaling video visits and eConsult capabilities to address key care needs for patients, especially chronic and comorbid, as well as enable practices to remain in operation at a much higher capacity than would be possible otherwise.

Maintaining continuity of care, and managing patients with chronic diseases, has proven difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many providers and health system resources are being directed toward the pandemic. At the same time, fear of exposure to the virus has led to many patients with chronic and comorbid conditions avoiding care.

These patients need proactive care management now more than ever. Patients with chronic diseases will be more likely to experience acute care crises due to not receiving the necessary treatment and care maintenance. Emergency departments, far from ideal points of care in the best of times, are now impacted by coronavirus patients, presenting a real risk to non-coronavirus patients who may be admitted down the line due to forgoing care.

To avert care crises and to ensure better continuity of care for our patients who need it most, Primary Medical Group, the primary care organization of which I am both President/COO and a physician, quickly adopted a telehealth platform, which we have been leveraging since early March.

Through our expedited telehealth implementation, we went from no telehealth capabilities to nearly 90 percent adoption by our primary care workforce.

Telehealth technologies such as eConsults and video conferencing platforms have enabled our physicians to provide care remotely while maintaining open offices, empowering PCPs to offer complete, specialist-guided care to at-risk patients as safely as possible.