eConsult Efficacy Data Demonstrate Real-World Improvement

eConsult Efficacy Data Delivers Real-world Quality Improvements

Immediate, quantifiable value: higher margins, expanded service offering, better patient satisfaction scores.

eConsult efficacy data shows that this digital health tool improves the referral process and offers value to the 3Ps: patients, payers and providers. Learn more about eConsult impact, by the numbers, with our efficacy data download.

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Peer-reviewed study – Shows eConsult efficacy and improved patient outcomes

The AristaMD eConsult platform includes workup checklists and cloud-based platform access to board certified specialists for eConsults, quantifiably supporting health care goals. Read more about the quantified value of eConsults through a summary of peer-reviewed literature.

Peer Reviewed Literature
eConsult efficacy supported by referral management routing.

How does AristaMD streamline manual processes to reduce wait times in healthcare?

With a rise in wait times in healthcare and a decrease in healthcare workers nationwide, it is more important than ever to streamline processes. That is why this year, we will see a significant rise in the number of physicians looking for solutions to aid with time and cost management. With eConsults and a leading referral management system, maintaining a healthy network is easier than ever.

What are the benefits of an eConsult and referral management solution?

Patients have relied on their primary care physicians for years to find the best and most effective health care. Due to that, eConsults have always been around in one way or another. We have formalized the process of a curbside consultation and brought a safer and more secure way to do just that. An eConsult system streamlines the traditionally manual process of reaching out to find in-network specialty care to find for patients. This is cost-effective for both the physicians and the patients. Physicians keep patient care in-house. The patient avoids the long wait times in healthcare and the cost and time to receive advice from a specialist. When using eConsults, a practice can find that over 70% of specialist visits can be avoided.