Medical Care for Corrections

Specialty Care Without the Risk

Improve quality and access to care at lower costs with eConsults.

Provider-to-specialist consultations, or eConsults, are simple, fast, and fit seamlessly into the corrections environment. AristaMD eConsults bring the expertise and support of hundreds of board-certified specialty physicians in over 70 specialty areas directly to jails and prisons across the country.

Medical Care for Corrections

eConsults for Chronic Care Management

Across the United States, healthcare resources at all levels were directed toward fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result access to specialty care using telehealth increased significantly. Today, specialists and primary care providers use a form of telehealth, called eConsults, to avoid face-to-face specialty care visits.

Patients in need of chronic care, account for 76% of all physician visits. For those with chronic diseases, failure to access care can lead to high-acuity healthcare episodes, a situation that is dangerous and disruptive to patients, in addition to being costly for patients, payors, and providers alike.


To avoid these negative outcomes, and to preserve specialist availability and critical healthcare resources, healthcare organizations must find ways to provide safe access to proactive primary care for patients with chronic conditions. One potential avenue for providing this care is through the use of eConsults and other forms of telehealth for chronic care management.

With eConsults, PCPs can provide virtual access to specialist-guided care, replacing the need for face-to-face specialist visits over 70% of the time, and triaging cases to ensure only the most high-acuity patients are referred for in-person appointments.

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