Workflow Efficiency Tools Streamline Review Scheduling and Centralize Appeals

Our robust, flexible application suite offers simple review scheduling and the ability to centralize appeals data from disparate systems. Take control of your review scheduling and appeals data with AristaMD’s HIPAA-compliant and customizable enterprise workflow automation platform.

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What do Providers Need to Succeed in Value-Based Payment Models?

Reimbursement for individual encounters, procedures, and services creates a burden for both the patient and the providers. In theory, the more you do, the more you are paid. In reality, taking a phone call, coordinating with a specialist, and researching medication alternatives are tasks the fee-for-service payment model does not typically cover. Another unintended consequence of this payment model is a rise in siloed care – physicians do not have the time or the incentive to coordinate.

What providers need to deliver healthcare quality in a value-based care model.

In this series, we will discuss the range of tools and strategies to succeed in value-based care arrangements, including:

Low-lift Technology to Support Value-based Payment

Practices have struggled to implement and update expensive Health Information Technology (HIT) systems such as electronic health records (EHRs) and clinical decision support systems (CDSS). While these tools can help providers manage patient data, identify high-risk patients, and track quality metrics, the implementation timeline often requires a significant upfront investment and lengthens the transition to value-based care.

A Simple Way to Coordinate and Schedule Clinical and Utilization Reviews

Discussions between physicians and the insurance company reviewer are often time-consuming to coordinate and difficult to track. As a result, the risk of failing to meet Federal and State regulations increases and care is delayed for patients that need treatment — potentially increasing the cost of care. Never miss a review deadline with AristaMD’s clinical and utilization review scheduling platform.

Utilization Review Scheduling