Primary care doctors can connect with specialists within 24 hours.

With AristaMD eConsults, patients can get the care they need, fast. Timely care delivers improved outcomes and experience, as well as reduced cost of care.

Enhancing primary care capabilities through eConsults is easy and can be done for $0 upfront.

  • Improve access
  • Improve experience
  • Improve outcomes
  • Reduce costs for patients and payors

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What’s included in the eConsult platform?

  • Suitable for individual providers or organizations with multiple sites
  • Hundreds of board-certified specialists in over 70 specialties and sub-specialties
  • 6-hour average eConsult response time, 24-hour guaranteed
  • Best practices and recommendations for eConsult adoption
  • How-to guides and videos
  • Access to AristaMD educational programs and content
  • Remote training sessions
  • Live chat and email support

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