Tools to Help Primary Care Clinics Connect Patients with Specialty Care Fast

AristaMD is creating tools to help primary care clinics connect patients with specialty care fast.

Doctors are busy. We make it easy for a nurse or referral coordinator to send a patient to a specialist office or send an electronic request, an eConsult, for specialist advice. By answering a few simple questions, practice staff can find out if an eConsult is appropriate for the patient. PCPs use eConsults to get advice from a specialist and treat the patient in the primary care setting. Specialists return advice in about four hours, avoiding a face-to-face visit more than 70 percent of the time.

What if an e-consult isn’t available for the patient Arista MD helps find a specialist for the patient right away. We’ll ask a few simple questions — basic insurance information, the specialty, the patient’s location. From there, our platform will surface the best providers for that patient, making sure they are in-network, experts in the specific clinical need and close to the patient. A referral is sent to the specialist securely online.

Combine e-consults and referral routing to make specialty care easy with AristaMD.

Increase safety-net patient capacity by improving access to specialty care

Increase Safety-net Patient Capacity by Improving Access to Specialty Care​

As community health centers (CHCs) are challenged to integrate care across the continuum and deliver value to safety-net healthcare settings, there are also pushed to improve quality and improving patient satisfaction. eConsult platforms are a means of digitally enhancing safety-net capacity by increasing access to specialist care while retaining patients in primary care settings when it is appropriate and more cost-effective to do so.

Safety-Net Specialty Care Services

Over 24 million Americans rely on CHCs, including Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), as their initial point of access to healthcare services. The health services being offered to these “safety-net” healthcare patients must evolve to meet the changing demographics and health needs of this complex population. CHCs must evolve their service-delivery models from just identifying and treating patients with acute conditions to being able to manage this population with a high prevalence of chronic and complex conditions, across a continuum of care. Up to 25 percent of CHC visits generate referrals to outside providers, and these sites could benefit from improved solutions to deliver closer integration between hospital and clinic-based components of care.

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