eConsults Improve Patient Outcomes

Close the loop for specialty care referrals and improve patient outcomes.

eConsults empower PCPs to develop and follow up on a complete care plan. These services improved patient outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Video Transcript:

A lot of times it’s not surprising that we would receive a response in less than eight hours from our specialist. We can then call the patient and save them another trip to the physician’s office. To be able to inform the patient of the care plan, letting them know what we will order and what we will try allows for a better follow-up. To thoroughly inform the patient of the care plan by letting him/her know we’re gonna order this and try this and see you in a month, that exchange becomes the follow-through. With a follow-up such as that we can provide it while it’s still fresh on the patient’s mind and as well as on the provider’s. Completing a follow-up closer to the time of treatment does away with patients getting lost to follow-up. If you can imagine 3,500 referrals a month, trying to follow up with each and trying to figure out which one of those got through is a daunting challenge.

Working with an eConsult or telehealth specialist provides a way to be sure that the loop is closed for every one of those eConsults. The eConsults can prevent a lot of the unanswered questions that linger when you don’t know when a provider sees a patient. When the patient has a certain complaint or they have an illness you always want to develop a care plan and sometimes you don’t know exactly what that care plan is going to be because you don’t have the knowledge that a specialist has.

When you’re able to talk to specialists and make a complete care plan, you’re able to take care of the patient better and learn to improve the next visit with the patient. [Using the AristaMD platform] will definitely influence you in how you’re going to care for that patient and improved patient outcomes.