eConsult Platform Explained: How do eConsults work?

How do eConsults work? Watch this video to find out how this technology improves access and  quality care.

In less than 2 minutes, learn How do eConsults work? on AristaMD’s eConsult platform is empowering primary care providers to leverage board-certified specialists in over 70 specialty areas to reduce unnecessary referrals, improve care coordination, reduce costs, and increase patient satisfaction.

This video provides a description of the eConsult process and how it benefits patients and providers at each stage of care delivery.

Video transcript:

“The AristaMD eConsult platform.

eConsults increase your patients’ access to timely high-quality care. Here’s how–Meet Dr. Grey. Her patient, Tom, presents with a complex condition. She’s not sure how to treat him. She will need to refer him to a specialist. Tom’s concerned he will have to wait at least a month for his specialist appointment and take another day off work to get there.

Introducing: AristaMD.

Dr. Grey’s clinic is able to enter an eConsult and connect with one of AristaMD’s hundreds of contracted board-certified specialists in 24 hours or less. For Tom’s case, the specialist advises her to treat him in the primary care office using the detailed recommendations provided.

There’s no need for Tom to see the specialist in person. Tom’s relieved of the good news and glad he won’t have to take another day off work for his appointment after all.

Like Tom, thousands of patients can now benefit from having their PCPs access rapid specialist recommendations using eConsults. There are many ways to add value.

Our PCPs tell us eConsults significantly impact their care plans and most often eliminates the need for a specialist visit. In addition, eConsults directly benefit clinicians’ practice in many ways.

We look forward to bringing eConsults to your clinic. Thank you!”

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