How eConsults Can Help Manage COVID-19 Impact for Healthcare Organizations

During the COVID-19 crisis severely challenging the entire healthcare system, patients still require ongoing specialty care–especially those with chronic and comorbid conditions. eConsults help to manage COVID-19 impact by providing access to on-demand specialists so patients receive care, even when a face-to-face visit is not possible. This ensures patients are not forgoing necessary care during this time, and prevents a backlog of pending specialty referrals.

Learn more about how eConsults can support healthcare organizations in this short video.

Video transcript:

COVID-19 is challenging healthcare organizations and providers to maintain the health of our population. While focus is on patients ill with the virus, we can’t forget our patients with chronic conditions and specialty care needs. Amidst the pandemic, they’ll often be unable to book appointments, or avoid outside visits out of fear of exposure. Conditions left unattended, will only worsen….

For all primary care providers treating patients with chronic care conditions and/or COVID-19 symptoms–eConsults provide virtual and immediate access to on-demand specialists who can deliver medical advice used to treat patients remotely. This prevents delays in care and escalation of medical issues, limits a backlog of pending specialty referrals, and helps at-risk patients avoid unnecessary exposure with in-person visits. With AristaMD, you can immediately get started with eConsults. Through the web-based, HIPAA-compliant platform, eConsults are routed to on-call specialists who will respond to primary care providers in a matter of hours.

As we work to contain this crisis, supporting vulnerable patients with specialty needs will be challenging. Together, we can creatively and collaboratively find ways to deliver care amidst significant resource constraints to manage COVID-19 impact. Curious how the eConsult platform works? We can show you how eConsults provide primary care providers with access to on-demand specialist insights in this short video: The eConsult platform explained.