eConsult Dermatologist Video Series: Dr. Sarita Nori

Dr. Nori, a contracted eConsult dermatologist, discusses how receptive patients are to receiving care through telehealth modalities during this time when access to care is strained due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I think it’s really been a very gratifying experience to provide telemedicine to our patients nationwide during this time and [the patients] are pleasantly surprised by [the use of telemedicine] initially and just very very grateful.

— Dr. Sarita Nori

About Dr. Nori

Dr. Sarita Nori has been a dermatologist since 2005 in a multi-specialty group practice. She considers it a privilege and a thrill to provide dermatology expertise. She has been providing a teledermatology service to AristaMD PCP’s for over a year with great success.

Video transcript:

“I think telemedicine is especially critical nowadays while we’re dealing with COVID-19 to keep patients both out of the emergency room and the hospital.

So, to leave those places able to deal with the COVID-19 and respiratory patients, as far as dermatology goes, we can deal with really the vast number of cases by telemedicine and keep those emergency cases out of the ER. But even on a more routine basis, teledermatology especially, is so amenable to telemedicine because we have really good clinical exam via the photos.

There are so many conditions which, if not addressed in a timely fashion, I mean by that within a few weeks to a month, skin cancers for example, certain widespread rashes, or certain skin infections of course can leave the patient in a not so good clinical place while telemedicine can address that quite simply and effectively right through the primary care doctor as we do in AristaMD.”

One thing I’ve experienced while practicing telemedicine, in the last month especially, is just how grateful patients are that we’re continuing to look after them.

Some of them sound surprised when we contact them to let them know that we’re taking care of their skin problems whether that’s directly or through their primary care doctor but they’re very grateful for the care and also just very caring about all health care providers in this environment.

I think it’s really been a very gratifying experience to provide telemedicine to our patients nationwide really during this time and they’re surprised by it initially pleasantly so and just very very grateful.

There’s really no good reason not to continue not to provide excellent care to patients throughout the U.S. with telemedicine and, at least for me, through teledermatology.”