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Specialty Care Access

Doctor describing the benefits of telehealth. The benefits of telehealth within mental health care: A psychiatrist’s perspective on eConsults

The failure to support mental health care points to an acute need to address the issue with the best resources available, and the benefits of telehealth position these technologies as a key avenue moving forward.


eConsult How an eConsult platform helps PCPs provide specialty care–FAST

Access to specialist-guided treatment–FAST. eConsults are a key component of telehealth for Primary care. Learn more about what this means for PCPs & patients.


How telepsychiatry and telehealth improve mental health outcomes in primary care practices

Significant issues remain which signify our patient population still isn’t accessing the mental health care they require. Learn more about Telepsychiatry and Telehealth technologies improve mental health outcomes in primary care practices and as a result, address factors impacting access to mental health care. 


Reducing Face-to-Face Specialist Referrals with eConsults [Infographic] eConsults reduce face-to-face specialist referrals

San Diego County Community Health Center North County Health Services (NCHS) is leveraging eConsults to significantly improve referral processes, increasing access to specialty care while improving quality of care and reducing excess healthcare spend.


telehealth technology 5 Factors contributing to the US specialist physician shortage

There is a growing problem with access to specialty care. Many factors contribute to this specialist shortage, and the problem is only getting worse. Telehealth tools such as eConsults can help close the gap in care and ensure timely treatment for all.