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Medicaid Managed Care

patient satisfaction five stars AristaMD is your partner in improving patient satisfaction and increasing CMS star ratings

eConsults are proven as a key resource in improving patient satisfaction. Explore the various benefits that tie directly into CMS star ratings.


medicaid managed care Medicaid Awareness Month: The benefits of eConsults for Medicaid patients

April is Medicaid Awareness month and we want to share some important facts around the impact of Medicaid coverage, as well as the benefits telehealth systems can offer—such as an eConsult platform—to more effectively provide services to this patient population.


Doctor explaining benefits of telehealth to Medicaid patient. The benefits of telehealth for Medicaid patients

While Medicaid continues to face real challenges in delivering timely and affordable care, it is imperative that the industry evolves to find more efficient solutions to meet patient needs. Find out how eConsults are becoming one of those efficient solutions.