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Adam Darkins

Uncategorized Posted: Monday, February 19, 2018

Adam Darkins, Chief Strategy Officer. Adam’s experience in re-engineering clinical services, combined with creating organizational frameworks for the technology and business processes necessary to assure increased access to care, reduced costs of care and improved quality of care results from over 22 years experience in developing virtual health care delivery networks.

He has worked previously in both private and governmental health care sectors, nationally and internationally. Having spearheaded development of the national telehealth programs for the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) in the USA, one of the industry’s longest running and largest virtual care delivery platforms to date, he understands the challenges involved in taking programs to scale, and ensuring their long-term sustainability

His unique skill-set derives from his grounding as a physician trained at Manchester University Medical School in the UK, specialist training in general surgery and neurosurgery in the UK and subsequent work in health services development. As a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of London, accredited neurosurgeon in the UK and whose research for his M.D. thesis was undertaken at UCLA in Los Angeles (supported by a Medical Research Council {UK}
traveling research fellowship) he understands the challenges in re-engineering clinical workflow. Work at the King’s Fund Center, a research and policy institute in London, with the Patient’s Association in the UK and in developing value-based care programs in North America give him experience with working across the care continuum, patient-focused care and in implementing new payment models for care.

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