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AristaMD’s CME Webinar Series

AristaMD specialists present timely webinars on relevant topics of interest to primary care providers.

Our webinars are available for our clients and are password protected. If you need to obtain your password again, please reach out to cmiesfeld@aristamd.com.

If you are not a current customer but are interested in learning more about our webinar series, please contact acasey@aristamd.com.

eConsult Strategies for Managing the Chronic Pain Patient

Join us for a discussion with pain medicine specialist Dr. Eric Mehlberg on how the AristaMD eConsult program can help you effectively manage your chronic pain patients and better understand the role of specialists in providing comprehensive pain patient care.


eConsult Strategies for Managing the Opioid-Addicted Patient

Dr. Andre Chen, a leading addiction medicine specialist, discusses how the AristaMD eConsult program can help you recognize, diagnose and safely treat your opioid-addicted patient. 


Webinar: Hepatitis C Virus: Diagnosis, Management and Treatment with Dr. Paul Gaglio

Dr. Paul Gaglio, Director of Hepatology Outreach at NY Presbyterian Hospital at the Columbia University Medical Center, shares educational insight on how to optimize primary care's role in managing patients with HCV.


Webinar: The Primary Care Approach to Thyroid Emergencies With Dr. Yana Garger

Dr. Yana Garger, a leading Endocrinologist, provides thyroid case studies for provider engagement leading to meaningful dialogue on patient management at the primary care level.


Webinar: A Primer on Pigmented Skin Lesions: Your Best Shot of Identifying an Uncertain Spot…and What to do Next! With Dr. Susan Boiko

Dr. Susan Boiko, a leading dermatologist, discusses the clinical warning signs of melanoma, required diagnostic studies, and the best methods for photographing suspicious dermatologic disorders.


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