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How to provide specialty care–FAST, with an eConsult platform

eConsults are allowing primary care providers (PCPs) to realize telehealth benefits, through rapid access to on-demand insight. 

Today, patients are waiting weeks or even months to get in to see their specialist. Backed by an eConsult platform, primary care providers can make waiting for specialty care a thing of the past through empowering primary care providers with high-quality specialist insight in under 24 hours! Now that’s fast access to care.

Watch this video to learn more about how eConsults increase access and it means for primary care providers and their patients.


Video transcript:


Getting your patients in to see a specialist–that rarely happens fast.

The truth is, when you’re referring your patients, they just aren’t getting the care they need, when they need it. Patients across the country are waiting months to see specialists.

Luckily, eConsults can help.

With an eConsult platform, you have access to a trusted panel of on-demand specialists who will respond to your patient’s case within 24 hours. Now that’s fast.

7 out of 10 patients will be treated immediately without the need to see a specialist in person. Rapid access to high-quality specialists means happier and healthier patients. Plus, they provide primary care providers with the support to operate top of license and increase their knowledge base. We call that a win-win-win.

Get started improving access and outcomes for your patients today.”

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Reducing Patient Wait Times with Telehealth & eConsults

How telehealth and eConsults are reducing patient wait times

Healthcare systems are faced with challenges in patient access and availability of care. As a result, innovative healthcare solutions are invaluable within efforts of reducing patient wait times. Telehealth solutions, such as eConsults, increase efficiency of care by improving access to specialists while also better optimizing time and place of care.

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