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CMS reimbursement changes to include expansion for telehealth platforms

New CMS changes expand Medicare telehealth services and communicate a new interpretation of remote communication technologies.


eConsults: An Emerging Tool to Advance the PCMH

By Adam Darkins, August 2018.   The Increasing Importance of Primary Care An aging population, the rising incidence and prevalence of obesity and other chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart failure and anxiety/depression, and the wide variety of …


AristaMD is Your Partner In Improving Patient Satisfaction And Increasing CMS Star Ratings

eConsults are proven as a key resource in improving satisfaction. Explore the various benefits that tie directly into CMS star ratings.


Telehealth Technology Spotlight: The eConsult Experience

We asked our primary care providers to talk about the many benefits of using Arista MD’s eConsult platform to help us tell the story about how eConsults are transforming the delivery of primary care. AristaMD’s eConsult platform provides rapid specialist insight to primary care providers. Hundreds of providers are successfully leveraging eConsults to increase patient satisfaction, improve access to quality care and reduce healthcare costs.


eConsults reduce uncompensated care provided by rural hospitals eConsult Platform Use in Community Primary Care Settings Reduces Uncompensated Care Provided by Hospitals

Rural hospitals are facing severe challenges in maintaining operating margin, with uncompensated care being a major factor. Telehealth eConsult platform use in local primary care settings to improve “right time, right place, right provider care” have been shown to decrease the number of patients receiving avoidable and unnecessary care within the hospital setting, thus supporting hospital’s ability to mitigate uncompensated care.


Medicaid Awareness Month: The Benefits of eConsults for Medicaid Patients

April is Medicaid Awareness month and we want to share some important facts around the impact of Medicaid coverage, as well as the benefits telehealth systems can offer—such as an eConsult platform—to more effectively provide services to this patient population.


4 ways econsults benefit fee for service health systems 4 Ways eConsults Benefit and Create Value for Fee-for-Service Health Systems

While health systems are rapidly adopting telehealth platforms to support value-based care arrangements, these solutions also create significant value for traditional (fee-for-service) lines of business. In particular, eConsults benefit both the patient and provider by enhancing quality of care, efficiency and experience.


MedTech Boston Managed Medicaid Plans Must Adopt Digital Telehealth Solutions to Secure Reprocurement

Managed Medicaid plans could be losing out on millions of contracted lives (and money) by lagging in the adoption of digital telehealth resources to improve access to care and patient outcomes. Leveraging an eConsult solution is a proven way to increase access to high-quality care while lowering system cost, ensuring innovation scoring opportunities are not missed.


How Telehealth Solutions & eConsults Help Reduce $78.5B Opioid Crisis Burden

By Dr. Ed Cladera, M.D. and Medical Director of AristaMDFeatured in Becker’s Hospital Review, published March 14, 2019 Through AristaMD’s eConsult platform, PCPs now have timely access to addiction medicine specialists who can help reduce the risk of …


Reducing Face-to-Face Specialist Referrals with eConsults [Infographic] eConsults Reduce Face-to-Face Specialist Referrals

San Diego County Community Health Center North County Health Services (NCHS) is leveraging eConsults to significantly improve referral processes, increasing access to specialty care while improving quality of care and reducing excess healthcare spend. Their PCPs are empowered with specialty expertise within 24 hours to expand care capacities of primary care.


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