Population Health News: Catching up with Dr. Kathleen Myers

February 18, 2017

Population Health

Chief Medical Information Officer Dr. Kathleen Myers, M.D., FACEP has been featured in the February 2017 edition of Population Health News.

In the article, Dr. Kathleen Myers answers questions about AristaMD’s eConsult platform and what sets the platform apart from other telehealth solutions available in the healthcare environment.

What makes your eConsult platform different from others?

“The AristaMD eConsult Platform enables a new, innovative model of care that can both reduce unnecessary referrals and improve access to specialist care. It is the only comprehensive solution in the market that offers primary care provider-validated, clinical checklists developed at the University of California at San Francisco; a HIPAA compliant, easy-to-use eConsult platform that is interoperable with core electronic medical records (EMRs); and a robust set of data analytics tools. And it was designed by practicing physicians so it fits seamlessly within their current workflow.
The clinical workup checklists are one of the most valuable components of our eConsult platform. Covering approximately 200 conditions, the checklists help PCPs validate their diagnoses, or prompt them with diagnoses or treatment paths to consider if they’re uncertain about a diagnosis. Once they’ve completed the checklist, the eConsult platform gives a provider the ability to communicate with specialists via a secure portal. This approach has proved to eliminate more than 50% of in-person specialist visits that are today referred from primary care. This improves the quality of care by expediting answers and care planning while reducing costs. In addition, higher acuity and more urgent issues are identified early and speed up the process of seeing a specialist in person.”

Read the full article to hear more from Dr. Kathleen Myers, MD about how eConsults improve the healthcare referral process, her thoughts on the Affordable Care Act,  as well as what motivates her to achieve her goals at AristaMD.