How Telehealth Technology is Transforming the Future of Healthcare

How Telehealth Technology is Transforming the Future of Healthcare

Telehealth technology improves outcomes by improving the way in which we deliver care. Secure technology allows healthcare organizations to allocate resources, improve processes, and open channels of communication in unprecedented ways.

Through most of 2020, the pandemic caused radical shifts in almost every aspect of daily life. After more than a year of disruption, we’re all looking forward to some semblance of normalcy. Yet, even as vaccines are administered, some pandemic-motivated changes are here to stay because their value is clear.

Telehealth is transforming healthcare and shaping the future of care delivery by:

  • Using AI to facilitate front door triage.
  • Using video for low acuity primary care provider visits.
  • Tapping into eConsults for complex issues where a specialist needs to weigh-in.
  • Using patient-to-doctor messaging for follow-up.
Managed Medicaid Plans must adopt digital telehealth solutions to secure reprocurement

Managed Medicaid Plans Must Adopt Telehealth Technology

By: Michael Scarbrough, Board Member at AristaMD
Featured in MedTech Boston , Electronic Health Reporter, and Healthcare Business Today

If it isn’t already clear, the headlines are signaling that the era of healthcare innovation is upon us and moving swiftly. Managed Medicaid plans could be losing out on millions of contracted lives (and money) by lagging in the adoption of digital telehealth solutions to improve access to care and patient outcomes. Leveraging an eConsult platform is a proven way to increase access to high-quality care while lowering system cost, ensuring innovation scoring opportunities are not missed.

Innovation is the new constant

Although the pace of innovation in healthcare has traditionally been slow, organizations are increasingly seeking new ways to innovate in order to support value-based care models.

Recent partnerships formed between Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase, CVS and Aetna, Cigna and Express Scripts, and so on strongly indicate that innovations rooted in providing better care for lower costs are paramount to the success and growth of healthcare.