Comparably Best CEOs for Women

Who are the best CEOs for women workers? Big tech leaders fall in new ranking

Comparably, a career monitoring website released a list Monday that spotlights the workforce leaders who are getting it right, according to women workers. Comparably compiled data from female staffers among a pool of more than 50,000 U.S. companies and found the CEOs who ranked highest for women.

According to the data, of the larger companies with 500 or more employees, John Legere of T Mobile (Bellevue, WA), Alex Shootman of Workfront (Lehi, UT) , Brian Halligan of Hubspot (Cambridge, MA), Bert Bean of Insight Global (Atlanta, GA), and W. Craig Jelinek of Costco (Issaquah, WA), ranked top five Best CEOs in their category for the U.S. respectively.

In the category of Best CEOs in the U.S. of small/ midsize companies with fewer than 500 employees, David Cancel of Drift (Boston, MA),  Robert Wahbe of Highspot (Seattle, WA),  Ariel Cohen of TripActions (Palo Alto, CA,  Mahe Bayireddi of Phenom People (Ambler, PA), and Scott Wolfe of Jr. Levelset (New Orleans, LA) ranked top five within their category.

AristaMD’s CEO Brooke Levasseur ranks 17 in the “Best CEOs in the U.S., according to women: Small/midsize companies with fewer than 500 employees ranked highest to lowest” category. Brooke’s hard work continues to inspire the team at AristaMD to transform healthcare delivery.


Comparably Awards are derived from sentiment ratings provided by employees who anonymously rated their CEOs on between June 7th, 2018 and June 7th, 2019. No fees or costs were associated with participating, nor was nomination required. The answer to each question was given a numerical score and then compared to companies of similar size across the U.S. Additional weight was given to scores at companies with more participation from their employee base.