AristaMD Accelerates Their SOC 2 Audit 30% Faster with Ostendio

July 21, 2022

San diego business journal

About the company:

AristaMD’s care transition solutions, including eConsult and referral management tools, empowers providers to conduct electronic physician-to-physician consultations, facilitates the selection and scheduling of in-person specialist visits, triggers automatic follow-up activities critical to patient care, and schedules peer-to-peer reviews for insurance authorization. Electronic referral management and eConsults significantly improve the patient referral process and deliver greater access to timely, equitable, high-quality care.


– Using a file share system, resulting in manual evidence collection that is difficult to retrieve and share with external assessors

– Spending hours on compliance audits due to back and forth with auditors

– Needed to optimize security process with repeatability, easier user acknowledgment, and streamlined training


– Always-on software with built-in training, documentation, and asset management requiring user acknowledgment

– Access to Auditor Connect to promote a collaborative environment between AristaMD and vetted auditors

– Repeatable compliance audits using templates and crosswalk assessments

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