Clinical and Utilization Review Scheduling

A Simple Way to Coordinate and Schedule Clinical and Utilization Reviews

Discussions between physicians and the insurance company reviewer are often time-consuming to coordinate and difficult to track. As a result, the risk of failing to meet Federal and State regulations increases and care is delayed for patients that need treatment — potentially increasing the cost of care. Never miss a review deadline with AristaMD’s clinical and utilization review scheduling platform.

Utilization Review Scheduling

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Clinical and Utilization Review Scheduling

How eConsults Reduce Cost of Care

eConsults Help Manage Referrals and Support Value-Based Care

eConsults solutions enable primary care providers to receive advice from specialists. The ability to avoid costly escalation of care, whether for an in-person specialist visit or the ED, while improving patient outcomes is powerful. See how primary care clinics support value-based care and help manage referrals using eConsults. A primary care physician, a nurse practitioner, or a physician assistant can submit an electronic request for consultation to our team of specialists to minimize face-to-face specialty visits and manage referrals. As a result, eConsults expands the scope of services available at primary care practices and clinics.

5 ways eConsults help manage referrals to support value-based care:

  1. Avoid unnecessary face-to-face specialty visits
  2. Improve quality of care