Wound & Ostomy Care

Abscess Sepsis

specialized wound management

What is specialized wound management?

Certified Wound & Ostomy Care Nurses provide primary care providers with specific directions on how to perform specialized wound management. eConsults are used on a regular basis to provide specific instructions on the type of bandage and proper cleaning of wounds. Information on how the patient should perform at-home care is also provided. Primary care providers are also provided with instructions on how to document the healing progress. specialized treatments and documentation of the progress of your healing. eConsults from AristaMD may also include directions about debridement, topical wound therapy, growth-factor therapy, tissue therapy, dressing selection, special shoes, and patient education. 

Specialized Wound Management

Abscess Sepsis

A 54-year-old male with left forearm abscess s/p I&D 4 days ago. Please see note and pictures and given recommendations on wound care.

Does the patient need to be seen at a wound care clinic for specialized wound management?

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Measuring Success in Wound & Ostomy Care

There are many types of telehealth. Selecting the right telehealth solution can impact your patient care and bottom-line. For wound and ostomy care, eConsult is the type of telehealth helps patients receive treatment at their PCP office. Using physician-to-physician consultation, a primary care provider can seek the advice of a certified wound care nurse to treat wounds in the office. This service allows patients to avoid expensive specialist visits or trips to the emergency room.

Watch this video to learn about how eConsults services support wound care and it what means for primary care providers and their patients.

Mara Varnado is a wound and ostomy nurse specialist. She works with AristaMD through Corstrata. As a channel partner, Corstrata sees a variety of different types of patients who have wound and ostomy issues. All of the nurses providing eConsults and telehealth are board certified wound and ostomy nurses.